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20 Jun

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  3. it better! Totally agree with the first part.As for the seocnd, I totally hear ya. That’s why if there were ever a Care Bear movie, I’d see it in a heartbeat. Wait hehe But in all honesty, as bad as the Transformer movies may be, you gotta hand it to someone who has obviously brought over a half billion dollars worth of entertainment to folks. I know I’m not smart enough to do something like that. KennyG same here on the song part. And on the 30 Rock part! haha Alec Baldwin is my hero. The one a couple weeks ago where he gives the monologue on losing respect by going into television is priceless. Baggas lol To be completely honest, it’s may be more a question of what in my life hasn’t’ been from that inspiration. Hence, the youtube handle, the Gear Page handle and my lifelong quest to get that bassy strat tone at the end of Your Blue Room. heheJacob thanks a ton for the kind words! Really, really appreciate that. Although I’m totally cheating now just turning on the Strymon pedals and letting it go.

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